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Overview :

Merzouga Buggy Tours are an excellent afternoon activity that combines the thrill of driving a powerful buggy with a visit to one of the most picturesque locations in the Merzouga desert and the enormous Sahara desert. We use the top of the buggy drive to run these stunning all-road courses and sand dunes, testing your driving skills to provide the best all-road experience!

Your pleasure is our major priority. Our guests should take their time during their Merzouga Buggy Tours time to ensure they have the proper equipment, time to ensure they are comfortable with their buggy, time to organize a trip that is tailored to their needs, and time to enjoy the Merzouga experience.

Highlights : Merzouga Buggy Tours
Programs Merzouga Buggy Tours :

1 Hour Tour Buggy Tours

Enjoy an hour cruising around Erg Chebbi’s orange dunes on your buggy. and feel the rush of its gentle waves beneath your feet. This is an excellent method to gain your first experience with dune driving.

2 Hours Tour Buggy Tours

This two-hour session will help you to withdraw from the world and experience the genuine stillness of the desert. an excellent method to cover more ground in the Osis and elsewhere. Ride into the tallest sand dunes to witness the stunning environment that surrounds the Merzouga oasis, then loop back to the hotel.

1 Day tour Buggy Tours

This full-day excursion will take you deep into the hamada of Kem Kem (plateau), up to Tissradmine oasis and over to Azerkam oasis, you will head towards Safsaf, one of the most beautiful oasis in the south of Morocco, have lunch and at the same time you will see how the nomads prepare the lunch meal called Madfouna (cooked under the hot sand, it is a kind of berber pizza), in on the way to Merzouga, a chance to meet the different nomad tribes that keep the secrets 

2 Days tour Buggy Tours

This two-day journey to the desert is ideal for those who enjoy isolation and wide landscapes. After breakfast, depart for the village of Sahara Taouz, where you will see Roman-era Taouz rock carvings, as well as the villages of Gnawa, Ouzina, and Remilia oases, before heading down to Wadi Ziz via the old Paris Dakar track,

Traversing dry wadis and rocky tracks, adding a touch of mineral to the landscape of desert plateaus rich in beautiful landscapes. Enjoy an overnight stay with a nomadic family in a black tent in the desert. You’ll learn about nomad life and the natural world. Return to Merzouga along the west side of Wadi Ziz.

3 Days tour Buggy Tours

During a three-day trip along the southern border, the desert takes on its full dimension, from one erg to the next, in the direction of the Azerkam Oasis and the Saf Saf Oasis. The large desert plateau of the hamada of Kem Kem opens up to the wonderful world of dunes and ergs: Erg Chebbi dunes to Erg Znigui and Erg Ouzina. The excursion lasts three days and two nights in a remote area. It is here, under the stars, in the vast Saharan solitude, that one completely comprehends the magic of the desert.

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